-on extroverts loving introverts


-on extroverts loving introverts

surely the plenitude of you
can find the minuscule of me


Your skin is there to remind you,
that beneath it is what matters
Seven layers,
seven wonders,
seven heavens,
seven sins,
seven hawameem of protection.

There is secrets in seven,
and there are seven more secrets beneath the flesh,
seven layers to your ego,
seven layers to your soul,
if you were to learn them,
to be cognisant of them,
you’d do nothing but busy yourself with mastering them all,
even then,
still another seven layers of extinction,
annihilating yourself to the point of non recognition,
non existence.

Seven is where it’s at,
now bathe me in the vastness of seven seas,
until on the seventh day,
I am cleansed from seven hells.

You have seven senses, not five,
won’t you love me with but one of them.


Photo again by David Uzochukwu ….. amazing

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