introversion – forty

introversion – forty

if i knew then, what I know now,
when they asked me,
‘what do you want to be
when you grow up?’
I would have said,



Ironic, I’m nearly forty and it took me this long to figure out.
I’m not for ambition and all the hurdles to wholeness it offers.
I’ve come to realise that there is no single more destructive modality of being than ambition for worldy triviality.

And the confusion that is wrought through the fibre of humanity is made worse by people only being aware of the world as they experience it in the most carnal and detached manner, severed of what is ever lasting and spiritually anchored to truth.

It is for that reason, i don’t wish to burden others with myself and often remove myself from environments, leaving them to their comforts.

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