you’re far too organised
to be of interest to me

neat freaks need not apply

if your mind is stuck in the trivialities of outward order,
i wonder about the decorum of your insides.

without apology, that bores me.
being too concerned with outward appearances
leaves me gaping for air
like I am suffocating for you
i can’t be around people who concern themselves overly with superficialities,
nor can i be around those who are negligent to the point of laziness-fashioned as an excuse for inner focus.

the balance is subtle, neither manifest in either / or.
never organised, never chaotic to the point of detriment
perhaps unscripted yet foundationally sound enough to ad lib the moments of your life.

if you come to Him through order, you will receive Him in kind, if you come to Him in madness and fever, you will receive Him in kind.

art: Silence of A Sufi by MODalineARTisTree

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