-Of nearness afar

of neartness afar
-of nearness afar

I needed to find you
Or did you need to find me
Or did you show Him you
Waiting for me to see

Or is this all just triviality
Atoms scattered randomly
Perhaps this artistry just
Be, and it shall Be

Your voice is a breath of mystic allure
Of a beggars longing and hidden grandeur
If only for a moment brings to conjure
It is enough for brokenness a mend, a cure

What do you keep close to your heart
What returns you when you’ve fallen apart
When you miss His push and pull alike
Contraction, expansion, subdue and flight

When His light is not merely enough
When you seek more than angelic touch
When sombre you remain in absence of He
Content in presence though be it deaths clutch

Welcome I’d say to the angel of Death
I’ve been waiting for you since first suckle of breast
This separation from Him is far too much
Take me, don’t wait, even for my last breath

Bury this carcass, it’s naught but a home
Take my riches, and take my throne
Give to the poor and destitute all
My soul has to move, upward roam

To Him to travel to find restitute
To arrive at the original forbidden fruit
To bow and dwell amongst His elite
And find the source of this haunting flute


Inspiration for today…. and probably a few more months.

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