-the marriage of patience and light

12256145816_722a3e81f4_bthe patient passing-the marriage of patience and light

how else can light enter
without you being broken

it may be you despair in hurt
you wallow in sadness
you pain over the cracks in your being
and this brokenness you complain of
is but oblivion to what is happening

light can’t pass through to the crux of you
through any way except the cracks of you
to find hurt and mend you

‘let there be light’ did not occur without ‘let their be life’
your patience is what is being formed
be patient of your patience
and allow light to fashion it’s way around your soul

once it envelops you, can the cracks begin to seal
and you become whole
at that point, you’ll no longer wish to remain sealed
but enjoy and call upon brokenness, if only a fissure


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