shadow of me

-shadow of me

Nothing is left but a hollow shell,
In your presence,
Where once this erratic soul dwelled,
Bouncing off ribbed walls,
And heart so swell,
When your light appears,
Vanished am I,
With no story to tell.

Who in their right mind,
Thinks they need more than this citadel,
Who needs more proof,
Or to be further impelled,
Cast out your selves,
Of flesh expel,
Admit your soul,
Into His hospital propel.


No filter, no tricks,

a selfie, tagged by a few of you and I’m slack…. I know. Sorry, alas,

the light far too bright,
the awakening too alight,
my body gives no fight,
and it appears not in sight.

The reality of all of us, heads roll in the presence of the King and who are we but non-existent in the presence of utter Grandeur.
Aloof with pretentiousness we assume we matter, we assume we mark out a position in this life, that all the people that love us actually validates us.
Nay, not one of them sleeps with you in your grave. Not one. But you and your deeds or misdeeds are lovers for eternity.
Let go of yourself and know there is something much larger than you.

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