Wasting time –  poetry, coffee and introversion 

​Book, coffee, muffin and a blank page. 

Introverts heaven.

Killing time, or is this making time my slave?

I hate wasting time. So much that I consider sleeping a waste of time.
well right brain considers it a waste,
whilst left brain knows it’s logically,
a necessity for sanity,
right brain argues,
but I don’t want sanity,
sanity as described by society,
that palate appeasing flavour of normality,
civility, amicability,
right brain argues for barbarity,
creativity, my lack of ethnocentricity,
a guarantee,
my family tree,
proving my validity, 

as a nomad of unkempt hostility, 

to this lie of acceptability,
but my shroud is of tattered fragility,
we Arab introverts don’t have many places to be,
so off we run into obscurity,
barbarity and gentility,
a cacophony,
vulnerability, docility, tranquillity, sensitivity,
strange desirability with lack of availability, 

and for me, the only answer,
for this irritability,
is poetry……. and coffee
#poetry #coffee #introvert

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