i’m Arab, eight


-i’m Arab

there is always war
taking place inside me

threatening the communal civility
of soul, heart, mind living in tranquillity

when will the mind come to the altar
offer itself up for the slaughter

when will heart and soul conspire to kill
erase the mind-ego-blabber to nil

then heart will hang itself in humility
and leave the soul to manifest its nobility

the swinging states of obedience, disobedience
regret and remorse at my convenience

we Arabs, know what it tastes like to be parched in deserts
to walk between the line of extro and introverts

always aware, our worthlessness known
born into something, on loan and dying alone

we carry this well within our breasts
aware for the sincere there is no rest

the secrets states come from admittance and pardon
seeking only His countenance, neither hell fire or the garden

so what is this self love you boast about and seek
forever enslaving you, keeping you weak

strength comes from internal war, not internal peace
until seeing your true colours manifests, and self worship will cease

come then, join us, we’ll show you the way
how to be at war with yourself and ego to slay


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