There is a simplicity in a person who stands at the gates of begging and waits for the reply.
In oblivion, they can’t see the begging itself is
their answer, that is, to be granted the humility to know you haven’t the capacity, that there is a divine hand that gives, and you calling on that, is the gift that sits under your nose.


Often, what we ask for is not what we receive. It may be that what we receive is what we need and we don’t even know it. Through the states of abasement, we turn inwards and beg for more, oblivious, asking still for the initial thing, we increase our fever for asking as we wait for the answer. It may be that we are being tested, being taught patience, being taught wisdom, indirectly and are instead being shaped and moulded for bigger and better things.

God, in His wisdom, may reward us later in life, or even in the afterlife, but to place conditions on what we receive is utter arrogance and folly. Our job is to ask, His job is to give as He sees fit, when and how He chooses. To place yourself on the same pedestal of knowledge is to boast of knowing the unseen.

From traditions, we’ve also been taught that God loves to hear the call of the devoted servant, and may leave you to your pleas a little longer, or perhaps reward you your requests and more in the afterlife.
And God knows best.


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