daughter asked,
how do I tell the difference
between a boy and a man

mother replied,
by the stroke of their hand

one will touch you
the other will make you feel sacred


It may be that he is not the first to touch you
but he will always feel like the last.
Like the earth and all it contains,
presented itself in a bouquet,
and it scrapes along your spine.
Lavender, patchouli, rose, almond,
bergamot and musk,
his touch will stain your skin,
brand your soul,
and nothing after,
will ever make you whole.

Perhaps that was his secret,
a tender man, with earthen fingers,
bloodied feet,
soles that were one with the land,
his blood, it’s blood,
perhaps that is why he can make her terrain feel like it is boundless,
perhaps that is why she is happy to be owned by him.

Some people can shower you with compliments,
and it feels like poison being spat at you,
whilst others may strike you with vileness,
but your body calls for more of it,
another lashing,
another branding,
at least it is the whole of them,
striking the whole of you.

It’s perplexing why a woman will choose one man over the other,
a boy over a man,
more so,
why she chooses to be covered by dirt,
rather than swallowed by earth.


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