the punishment of the intelligent
is reluctance to action

woe to me, how I envy your simplicity

with this boast of knowing,
I’m forever anchored to responsibility


We often walk with an air of confidence, a spring to our step, when we have attained and reached a wealth of knowledge whether it were attained through years of study at academic level, experiences through life or private study through reading or learning. Knowledge gives one a confidence that occasionally can be our demise.

When knowledge is used to boast, to look down on, to behave arrogantly, then it is your punishment, not your saviour, not to your betterment.

When knowledge sits dormant in our mind and no action is taken with it, then it ceases to be knowledge, it is just information. Worse, if it is only called upon to belittle others when topics of familiarity present themselves or when knowledge is not put into action, then it is a punishment as you abase yourself into a pool of arrogance and ignorance.
Wave upon compounding wave, you will sink, you’ll be anchored to your ego and will wish you were simple again, and void of the knowledge you so grandly held in high regards, that you thought made you who you are.

At that point, a simpleton, who acts appropriately and with dignity with what little knowledge they have, becomes superior.

The scholars used to say, knowledge is not memorising texts and anecdotes, rather it is a light that God places in the heart of the faithful and knowledge is only that which you can act upon.


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