Homeless man


is a distrust in the predestination of your affairs,
a secret harbouring of arrogance, unaware,
that what you assume to control,
is really pulling you from the reins of your hair.


I don’t wallow because I know I cannot change what is already written.
So why would I meddle in the affairs of a force larger than me?
This does not remove the onus of me striving for goodness, betterment and stepping up to obligation, and there are many obligations.
Rather it puts into perspective the amount of effort I must exert and gratitude for my lot, acknowledging irrespective of toil, even my effort and gratitude is a secret, bestowed, gifted and granted by that same force. None of it is because of my grandeur or prowess and were it not for His Merciful gaze, I’d have none of it.


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