introversion – thirty six

introversion thirty six

introversion – thirty six

and in all this labour
of popularity and exertion
i’d much easier warm
to the cocoon of introversion


there’s a threshold where it all becomes too much
and the default is to return to a familiar touch
to the enveloping and understanding of a wombs brush
when the noise of sociability is too hard to clutch

that it’s easier to curl up into a ball
knees to chest, revert to the foetus’ call
memory of comfort like you never left at all
and in the balm of protection, back under a rock, crawl

the outside world is not for us
not for the alone is this constant ruckus
like throwing us utterly under the bus
making us the main attraction in this life circus

we can’t pose and pander to appease your condition
we can’t be anything other than this quiet rendition
of resolute, solitude and quiet disposition
please leave us, we’re comfortable in our inhibitions


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