let the knife have its way
that is what patience is

And the knife can come
in many forms of hurt
but the way, is to remain silent
and to introvert

A partner, a child
a brother or parent
money, material, whatever
it’s still heaven sent

To grow, to become
to solidify like cement
you have to be willing
to be broken, torn refashioned and bent

Refusing the cut, the sever
the pain and darkness
shows naivety and arrogance
leaves you the confused mess

Mend by allowing
the wound to expose
and become wisdom
experienced, and one who knows

With the healing, traverse
and find others like you
who are bereft and broken
hold their hands, show them how to get through


2 thoughts on “-mend”

  1. I can’t describe how beautiful I find this….I could say I love the way you express your thoughts into words, but I am not sure if I am more moved by the beauty of expression or the working of the soul, who’s deep reflection caused it to happen. Thank you for another priceless opportunity to ponder and appreciate.

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