-i’m Arab, seven


-i’m Arab

death is swallowed like water

it glides past our throats
and into our bellies with ease
we never choke on death


We honour our dead,
with acknowledgement above our emotions,
there is always time to cry later.

The rights of the dead must be fulfilled upon passing,
just as they were when living

A lack of knowledge and preparation prevents the deceased and the living family from comfort. It prolongs grief and leaves people bereft, dysfunctional and wandering, questioning their own life, living in regret.

There is no way, you can completely prepare, but there are hurdles you can lower by raising your awareness.

As Arabs, we are taught about the reality of death from a young age, we have no delusions about it, whilst we share the same human emotions as all other races and people, being exposed to death, without shame or fear makes us robust in accepting our lot when it finally arrives.

My fathers passing still hasn’t hit me yet, people tell me it will later. I don’t know if it will or wont, but he deserves more than my wailing, he deserves my service. That is the way I choose to cry, to honour and remember him.

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