-im Arab, six


i’m Bedouin blood
i’m not offended when you tell me
you’re not welcome here
that is a given


Slur your face off,
rant your head off,
pop your jugular with insults,
tell me i don’t belong,
to go back to my country, to pack my bags,
my heart’s unchanged,
I’m going, not because you said,
but because my blood calls.
My ankles long for red earth,
my breast for sand dust,
my eyes for Kohl,
and tongue waits for the parch,
I’m silent here anyway
at least over there, my silence  is poetry.

4 thoughts on “-im Arab, six”

  1. Why are you not offended? I remember feeling terribly offended when I could not rent an apartment on my own in Tokyo (1996). I had two half-Japanese children and spoke the language fluently. I did not let the real estate lady get away with it though! I sat right down on her sofa and refused to budge. I had paid my dues!

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