-everything you want

everything you want

i’m love
with war drums

i’m a savage
with a monks hums

bring your violence,
bring your brokenness
whichever way
just come.


I like watching the inability of men, of women even to reconcile masculinity with femininity.
To balm a gentle core with a rigid outer shell.
To dress hard and scarred skin with the cloak of velvety caring.
As if their mind is about to implode, they cannot reconcile the two.
You’re either this or that.
Boys have to fit their models of detached masculinity or detached femininity.
Parents unable to teach their children the art of both.
Confronting then are men with fists ready to clench but tongues moist with wisdom.
Worse than extremists of either type, they are the ultimate scapegoat to disengage from reality, that we’re able to be whole, able to generate compassion and a fiery rage ready for battle and war or mending wounds.

I’m Love with war drums is a short line I wrote a while ago which I decided to expand a little.


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