the irony of a slanderer
is they seek validation
through sin
trying to hurt others with lies
because of the pungency within


How severed are you from your conscience that you cannot admit your mistake. Frolic around  in the comfort of obliviousness because ignorance tastes better as a side with your cappuccino.
What’s on the menu tonight though?
Of course, fine dining experiences wouldn’t be complete without a side of back biting.
Meaty flesh eater, guess you skipped the part in all your academic prowess about too much meat being bad for the heart. Oh, you missed that ‘spiritual’ lesson too?
But your lips, your oh so full and pouty lips, your facebook lips, you can’t get that volume without  that blood.

So what are you brunching tomorrow? I wonder if there is a menu that can fill me with more lies, you think.
I need to fill this empty cavity of non existence I call a life.
How do I lie more.
Pretend my husband is the devil whilst prance around the world, from social gathering to social gathering disconnected from my age.
And your fucking forty two, wrinkles, own them. Stretch marks own them, fucked head, own it. Ego the size of a house, own it. Spiritual? Don’t even think about it. You couldn’t even try to own that.

But no, you think you can make up stories, lies, backbite, tale bear, wear some cheap (and it is cheap) lipstick with oversized glasses that makes you so bright lovely and trust worthy. That and you have a vagina, the automatic sympathy card.
You’re right, your sympathy card worked, I feel sorry for your husband. I feel sorry for your kid. Not for you though.

Me, I’m raw as fuck and you’re way too synthetic to handle me.
And people wonder why I don’t step outside the bounds of my wife’s intimacy for any solace.
She’s a fucking warrior. Hard skinned, fists up, claw your eyeballs type.
The only time you’ll see her backbite is when she’s chewing your face off. But you’re oh so lucky she isn’t interested in your frivolities,  and she sees you for the withered pathetic existence you are.
Her heart is all charity and soul, mending and rearing, hips bearing, ripe and ready. Womb receiving and bosom warming.
You couldn’t reconcile two of those things let alone all, and the countless more she has.

Not like you flimsy flops of excuses for women, fat and ugly on the meat of other humans you incessantly talk about, backbite and slander.

I have a handy weight loss tip for you, works great at life longevity too,
stop fucking lying, back biting, slandering and eating the meat of your brothers and sisters backs. You’ll drop a tonne of weight, you’re complexion might actually change too, better skin, brighter eyes, softer heart. Hey, someone might see you beneath all that gluttony.

I wonder how your digestion is gonna look like.


The slanderer is a coward, who sees comfort in spreading rumours, usually lies, about a person to increase their standing with another person. Or to bring light, gather sympathy or increase their standing. Their back biting and slander is usually veiled in a shroud of envy, jealousy or hate of the person they are talking about. This why it is likened to eating the flesh of a human being, a disgusting act, to bring the severity to light.
But people are so attached to their ego, so consumed with themselves they continue on, they assassinate a persons character in total and wretched falsehood just so they can feel temporary comfort and satiation. Never realising the lasting damage they have done to the persons reputation.

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