write they said
give us all of you
but when I changed my skin seventy times a day
who are you they asked


People want you to remain as you are.
When they see a snapshot of your soul, they assume it is the whole of you.
It’s a part of many parts of many parts and for some of us, reconciling the madness is a task too hard to explain or partake in.
We need to be left alone to dwell in the concentration of every moment that we’re immersed in.
That’s who we are, evolving,
so rapidly changing the blur of movement presents a stillness.
How do we explain that?
One minute a sage, the next minute all semblance vanished.
No one is one person
No one hears one voice
No one has one character
We’re all slipping in and out of roles
To gather ourselves and present whole.


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