how could I talk amidst such splendour
with prose and meter baiting my tender
harmony transposed in silken slender
there’s nothing left for me
but slave hood and  surrender


He knew what I needed
willing abandonment
Keeping me severed
God, The Compassionate

Ever the calling
from afar
ever the buzz
amidst the bazaar

Away from everyone
A selfish love
Unto the One
The call from above

By leaving me barren
Actually drawing me near
Awaits me this harem
For lovers, it’s clear

Where is union
Without separation
Where is love
Without deprivation

Where is conviction
Without hesitation
How will I be born
Without gestation

Nine months
Turns to nine years
Nine years
To nineteen worth of fears

And in all a preparation
To draw me near
It’s ever clear
Even more so clear

by impoverishing me and leaving me destitute
amidst the bazaar
i heard Rumi’s flute
the heavens descended
to hear angelic lutes
I heard, I heard
and now I remain a mute.


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