we were all an answer,
a confirmation of the ear of our soul,
a heart beats two syllables forever,
and ever,
reminding you,
you……who with ears, play deaf,
until your soul,
is taken from you,
and all you have is,
their witness against you.

and the track repeats
‘Am I not your Lord’
the heart and the soul confirm
“Ba-la” – indeed
“Al-lah’ – God


All souls were created,
all answered,
all know their origin
all hearts beat the same
that is why it is created first
in the pool of motherly warmth
Bala, Allah, Bala, Allah
before your brain, before anything
your heart
your subservient heart

any disconnection from Him
will have you ever wandering
where……..where is this thing
called belonging
that effervescent spring
take me
to Him
to Him


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