some people seem to have been created
for the sole reason to agitate others.

I digress,

perhaps to also kindle the fires of hell.

‘it’s just a joke’
how funny it is that the fire stake you use to taunt with wit
will be your stoking stick in infernos pit

I guess as tough as my shell may be
it’s there to protect the utter fragility I am inside

You assume the joke you pass
is a testament to your wit
humour laden
you laugh on your own
and I
as usual
on my own

You assume the slander
the stories you made up in your head
the ones you so easily spread
that you allowed to fester,
ever the molester,
are true
never mind…
you’ve made your bed

Now sleep in it!

Know that your weakness
your utter bleakness
will be your lot
forever alone
you’ll never have my nearness


Seriously, wtf did I do except offer utter sincerity towards you,
for you to think you can just spread lies about me,
assume things about me, make up stories, gossip, backbite, lie, manipulate,
incite others against me.
What part of me is it you want before your wit will be satiated,
before your lusts invigorated
before your content and liberated
liberated away
discarded be my way
it’s better than being
the ball between your rackets
for another day.

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