she’s there for the taking
it doesn’t take much to see her
a little ear
a little heart
a moment of reflection.
attach yourself to that moment
so you become her reflection
so she doesn’t have to
strip naked
for you to notice

and in your blindness
you see flesh, lust, limbs and genitalia

separate them all
grotesque on their own

we’re vile creatures when you Frankenstein us like this
butchers to society’s conditioning
to severe us all from each other
we see parts, we see skin, we see anything but the in

but there she is, trying as she may to be seen
baring all,
a woman in a veil of nakedness
vying with you, begging you
asking what is she to do

must she always paint her nakedness
to see, she’s vulnerable, there for the taking
she just wants you to notice her fragile
her collar
her rib
her fingers
forget her lips, her breasts
she wants to  show you what lingers

fragility, insecurities
humanity’s frailties
she’s a paintwork of all those enormities
forgotten essence
now memories.

i’m asked at how i see inside so many of you
i am you
you are me
we are we
because of society
leaving the sacred for superficiality
but not me
inside is where I’ve always been
and will always be
that’s why I see


For weeks I have come back and forth and stared at this picture
I had words inside that I couldn’t muster up.
I don’t write in dribs and drabs. I write in one stream, in that moment.
Within minutes, I am done.
If I were to write a novel, I would probably need a few days but those few days would need planning of bare necessities such as silence and some nutrition. I am sure I could do it, that’s how it works for me. But I’m not into novels. Small expulsions perhaps.
Anyway, the words were always there, always have been, things can’t appear and disappear, that is not how energy works. It gets shared around. The energy finally found my hands and manifest to words and this is what it made me feel.
I love this painting. It is by a friend and her name is Loretta Neilson
She has magic in her fingertips and her magic is real. I don’t see it, I feel it.

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