where, oh heart,
do you ever find the room
to eat so much flesh

haven’t you heard meat hardens the heart?
why then, will you continue to backbite
fleshen pang severing you
keeping you
worlds apart


In the nomenclature of the gnostics, the comprehension of the sages, the knowledge of the elite, there resides a premise of primordial origin.
Sacred instruction for those that want to move to purity, who are not satisfied being dragged around in the slums of their fetishes, being captive in the dungeons of their desires.
That is, to never backbite.

Backbiting, is an enormous sin. Why? Because it is a cowardly refusal to look within, to acknowledge the perpetual error we’re constantly in. No, this isn’t a treatise on original sin, far from it, the evil that resides in our breasts is genderless, it is just dark and utter vileness.

Backbiting is cowardly because given the chance, most people would not stare a person in their eyes and talk ill of them.

We do not get punished for thoughts, only actions.
But for the contemplative, they know better, they are in tune with their nature and understand that the heart is a mirror of your soul. If they even so much as let such disgusting thought merely pass through their hearts, they feel ashamed and take to their hearts with the bleach of repentance and rectitude, some taking to it with fire, nothing cleanses quite like fire except death, and those that choose death will slay the ego, the yapping brain, the justifier of filthy thought, the intellectualiser of silly frivolous philosophising, the excuse maker. They slay it with deprivation to stop it in its tracks.

Even thoughts for them are a no go as they seek purity.
I found myself guilty of a bad thought. The person deserved nothing of my thoughts. I didn’t even know them. I judged them based on a silly observation. And there I found myself in the midst of a sweet shop, eye’s welled, reflective of the disgusting thing that just happened. I was so upset by it, that I swore an oath to never touch a sweet thing again, until I no longer backbite (even if it was only in my heart) another human being.

How long this will take? I don’t know. I gave myself a year.
Zero sugar unless it is a naturally occurring fruit or vegetable.
Take that you ugly heart, you big swollen ego. We will see who wins!


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