the invitation


lovers don’t need to wait
for window panes of light

every direction they look,
they see a portal
a tunnel
a path

He calls
through dust settling on your skin
pain churning within
repentance from sin
even in taverns’ bottomless goblets of gin

whatever your predicament
the only prerequisite
is you answer with a lovers heart
for the relationship to begin


I found myself caught between concentration and being lost. A midday call to break from the cycle of chores, in the midst of city suburbia, a hidden sanctuary, a place of high walls which beg the lover to climb over.
What’s inside, what calls with such furore? Why is this street so tranquil?
There beyond the steel doors is a magnetic field, we’re moths to light as soon as the door flings open.
Temperaments change, nothing remains but a wish to serve, to submit, to offer all your vulnerabilities to the altar and say ‘here, my Lord, do with them as you please, I’m yours for manipulation the way you see fit, have mercy, I love thee.’ And how else can He answer except to one up you. Do you think you’re more merciful than Him?
Nay, back into your heart like a frisbee thrown with comet light, tranquillity settles and you know you’ve been answered, perhaps pardoned.
Suddenly the winter noon warms the carpet where you dropped to your face in begging.
My Lord, I am undeserving and You are ever Generous, Subtle, Loving.
And you wonder why men are mad with love, and women remain celibate? How can anyone replace this engagement?
Yesterday’s midday prayer at one of my favourite spots which I have only discovered 4 weeks ago.
No filter…. Just light which burns into the soul .

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