it’s in the DNA.
I’m compelled,
it’s not something that can be stopped,
a thing,
my ancestors have left covenants,
with my forefathers,
all I am to do,
is be the vessel

image from http://renecampbellart.tumblr.com/post/82301544519/the-fabric-of-life-updated-flipped-the-image

15 thoughts on “-urges”

      1. sorry, autistic flashback and sometimes taking things literally. *Feel free to ignore that and potential psychotic episodes*

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      2. Wholly agree though…. DNA damage can bereft us of what lurks beneath. Living as organically as possible, chemically free as one can will help limit damage. Even so, science is dark and dismally depressed. It is emotionless and bland, it has no comprehension of faith and resilience of human nature to defeat, to self heal. The body is designed in this fashion, to self heal, granted the environment is conducive. The genetic alterations that can occur are purported as never being able to be reversed, and this is an arrogant ploy of science ironically which has long disbelieved in God, but now wants to play God. Nay, we can heal, we can repair, neuroplasticity alone enough to debunk former beliefs that we are rigid and unchangeable. The introvert can become the extrovert, the sane, insane, the passive, aggressive, the tame, a savage. We all have the propensity to morph. Rumi, arguably the world’s greatest poet, was once a black and white theologian, a master of rules and regulations in the science of Jurisprudence, who tragedy burst open his poetic channels making him the dripping nectar of a poet he was, with prose so poignant, he could fit into lines or a Stanza what men needed books to complete. The history of humankind is littered with stories of such.

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      3. Superb answer, thanks for taking the time to expand! I am going back to the academia due to revenge reasons and yeah science is a motherfucker, agree totally.

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