-bustaan (inner garden)


-bustaan (inner garden)

a man who does not punish himself
is not deserving of being mended with love

until in the fire of self reproach he burns
until the weeds he plucks
and thorns he prunes
his garden will never be the calling place
of union


Traditionally, Muslims were far more concerned with the inner than the outer.
it is because of abandonment of this tradition that they now suffer at the hands of others who wish only to participate in the outer.
Like attracts like.

But there does exist a select group of people, still focussed on self reproach, self denial, carnal rejection, whipping of their ego’s to beautify their gardens.

Muslims used to reflect the inner life right down to every single thing they did.
Their garden called a bustaan, was more appropriately defined as an ‘inner garden’. Homes were built around the garden. At the centre was the dwelling place of tranquillity.

It wasn’t the front lawn, a proud display in front of the neighbours, neither was it the yard, a pompous display for entertaining guests.

No, rather it was the heart of the home, right in the centre, all four walls surrounding it, walls high, protected inner sanctuary, beautified with plants, flowers, herbs, water and hives. A nectar gathering for the souls ascension. A gathering place for all inhabitants of the home to centre themselves and then purify the core of their being. A reminder, that everything is inside, always inside.

Without this self reproach, holding ones self to account, and creating this inner sanctuary, humankind will surely only be losing themselves, to their selves. The ego is a rabid dog, it will devour what it can, but if you shut the doors on it, close the windows, dwell inside yourself, then the waft of your soul will eventually fragrance so much, your neighbours will scathe your walls with their nails to get in.


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