-where are the men

where are the men

Masha’Allah, (an expression of thanks to what God wills)

A moment of expressive haq (truth) from Zaza Ali. Eloquently said and I am glad a woman did. Something, if a man said would be ousted as trying to interrupt with peoples sexuality, orientations and lifestyle.

Both men and women need to stop idolising these alternate, negative lifestyles.

Men, with a falsified alpha, tatting themselves up to make up for being a Rijal ( literally a man, a person who can stand on their own two feet) whilst at the same time, manicuring themselves with hair waxing, eyebrow plucking, and clothes that render them unidentifiable.

If you’re gay, swing right on over, no one will stop you, but have the guts to be that person, otherwise don’t paint yourself with vernacular nor imagery of a gay man just to earn tail whilst expressing a false bravado of strength or masculinity as defined by pop culture, not real culture, real heritage.

Men, chasing so much tail and advertising it, no shame trying to be Dan Blazerians, watches bigger than grandfather clocks, false marks of respect, enjoining in RIba (usury) up to their eyeballs to give off an image,
all image,
a mirror, a reflection,
something so they can cover the insecurities they have inside them of never living up to a reality.

Being so loud externally because internally they are quiet, empty and cold.

Then in their mid twenties with erectile problems, intimacy problems, early onset of cancer, obesity, lack of spirituality, depression and other mental health issues, lack of education (no it doesn’t have to be at university) and lack of care that they don’t have any of these things.

Almost celebrating being dumb, making it appear that it’s uncool to be intelligent, reserved, loyal and poised, to be spiritually in tune but still be aggressively on your toes and ready for what life may bring, having the chin to take it and say the sacred words Alhamdullillah – a gratitude of acceptance of your lot, contentment with it’s contents – All praise is due to Allah (God), the choice first word of the first chapter of the most holy and last message to mankind.

Stop searching for the secret, the answers, the magic pill.
The elixir is right their in intimate conversation with God, open his book and find your way.
The first word, right there, in the opening chapter, titled the opening, open your hearts and minds and let your souls soar with gratitude to Him who has provided you a way.

What is wrong with you brothers. What?

Please read Zaza Ali’s post and reflect. Equally applicable to males:

Please stop using Afrocentricity as an excuse to exercise your inner freak. Knowledge is not a tool to put your pimp hand down… Polygamy ain’t a springboard to stroke the male ego… Your leaders aren’t even disciplined but they’re giving you instruction… Tappin hoes & talkin revolution… ‪#‎Simps101‬… I love you sisters but I have no interest in seeing what should be reserved for your man… If you wanna be a lesbian don’t do it in the name of tantra & chakras… Just woman up & crossover… Stripper poles & g-strings have no place at the table of God. I don’t give a damn how many crystals you wear… Sex, when properly expressed, is spirituality… Elevating Man & Woman into Godhood… Not swinging sessions… Stop being controlled by your lower nature… Exercise some control… Men don’t respect loose women & women will never fully commit to men ruled by their lower self… You might have her body but you’ll never have her soul. This is the language of the Ancestors, of GOD. Peace to the Knowledge & Wisdom Seekers… www.ZaZaAli.com

With Love

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