leave me to my madness
can’t you tell I smelt His breath?


my teacher picked me
I didn’t pick her

why me
what dove came to her and delivered my secret
what bottle washed to her feet with my message
why was she the only one with the corkscrew
twenty two years sealed

she allowed air to waft over my scroll
and sealed me back up
delivered me on to my new teacher

God did not let her pass without
collating us all
seekers, wanderers, lovers, heathens
all were welcome
one pot, from her hands fed us all

when they ask her
haven’t you ever loved someone

my answer is,
God, is not just someone

she wasn’t mad
she was adorned with His cloak
perfumed with His breath
and He had smothered her with everything, Him

people are jealous of that
how else is someone so spoilt meant to be
their eyes will never avert from their beloved
once he envelops them
that would be


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