Today, I fell in love with a leaf.

I wish I was this leaf,
such an honourable profession,
servitude to the wind,
percussion dancing,
a resume of being a story teller,
a story absorber.

Ah yes, generous leaf,
leaves it’s secrets with the tree,
drains it’s lifeblood through its veins,
withers away a cancerous severing,
a soldiers sacrifice,
on the front line of tales and fables,
is happy to be trodden  on,
crushed and become mulch for the tree.

A lover never really leaves their beloved,
it just shares its stories around with others,
before returning back to the source.



So this actual leaf just floated through my window today as I sat in the car and fell on my lap……literally! Yes it is a huge leaf!
Perhaps because it wanted to share a large story.
The colours and placement couldn’t have been more perfect.

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