It is no coincidence that the most common form of
suicide is by shooting to the head

The second being hanging

Both, a way to cut off the connection of the brain
to the heart

Perhaps because the brain thinks but the heart knows

and jealousy wins


Maybe the pain of truth is too much to bare.
What will you allow to command you through your life?
Then there are those who don’t go through with suicide, but slowly sabotage themselves enough to numb the connection, to deny their purpose.

Perhaps this is why people refer to those who commit suicide as cowards, unable to admit defeat of the mind, to let the heart control them and subdue them to truth.

Your mind is irresponsible, don’t trust it but your heart is also no command centre if you have soiled it with vileness and vulgarity.

You can’t cleanse your heart and have a mind that still wants to control, you can’t educate yourself enough if your heart is wretched.

Idle, your soul watches and will witness against both.

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