latif – be silk


can you please
for one day
be silk

for one day
be silk

for one day
be silk

one day
be silk

be silk


Latif means tender, gentle, most subtle

Al Latif is one of God’s attributes, THE Tender, Gentle, Most Subtle.

HIS attribute alone when preceded with ‘Al’ – ‘The’, an honorary exclusivity to Him alone.

This does not negate humans from being tender, gentle, and subtle with each other. In fact we can be known or aliased by those terms alone, if those attributes make up who we are or people see us that way, but only God can be ‘THE’ for it is HE, that is the source, the fountain-well of that tenderness, that subtle divine you don’t see so silken-woven in your life.

You assume your threads are the work of your hands, and even if you outrageously deny Him, He is still that tender that he weaves his cocoon around you, subtly, kindly and gently to your oblivion leaving you to your way.

‘And which of the signs of your Lord will you deny?’


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