5 word story, and expansion


Fight or flight
Neanderthals delight

When every inch of you is screaming flight,
I’m the guy you wish you had along your side,
suddenly not so heathen,
dukes up,
ready to fight.

I despise that word,
that reference and the haze that scientists have created around evolution ‘theory’.

I won’t let go of my primordial nature,
there’s nothing Neanderthal about that,
to hunt, to gather, to protect,  to fight,  to love, to ‘human’,
the most distilled way possible.
Enough with the removable adornments,
the decorative,
enough with the masks,
earn some scars, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical,
and be whole with them.
Everything in this world points to being whole,
gather your bits and learn to weave them together.
Be tailors and seamstresses of humanity,
If at least for your children.

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