Curing yourself?

quick im sick
I admitted myself into the hospital of the sick many years ago.
I have full knowledge of myself and how wretched I am.
Perhaps because I’m busy with my own vices, it’s further caused me to alienate myself from others.
Why would I want to contaminate you?
I admit my faults with complete and utter humility, but I’m still sick, so don’t hold me to account, the same way you wouldn’t hold a person on a hospital bed to account.
No one would slap the face of an admitted patient, so why would you berate me with insults when I am cutting open my carcass to reveal the stench and call upon the cleaners?
You hate my cleaners too?
You hate the nurses and whole hospital?
My friend, there’s a bed right beside me,
Room for me and you.
Let’s heal together, if you’re sincere and true.

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