On the contrary
I have no qualm being left behind
In the calm of backwardness is where you’ll find
Not in future, not in present, but rewind
The peace and happiness of my mind
Is found in the detachment kind
To societies advance, blind
-Wesam El dahabi

This year has thus far been about stripping of myself.
I don’t add to myself, I don’t become, I don’t improve or rise as a human by increasing possessions, accolades, prizes or material.
I’ve come to realise, for me, reduction is the ultimate prize.
Living on less
Owning less
Being less

Unnerved by the eyes in which society deems me, by which my father deems me,
I want less, not more.
How will my children view this? Will they think I deprived them? A man with infinite ability to make just as much money, own just as many things as any other man, who chooses not to.
Away! I have abandoned that too.
Their thought of me will be their own.
I have abandoned things, but I have not abandoned love.
I waved good bye to societies ship, but the passengers remain in my heart as memories.
My children are in my heart, I have kept that home for them if I own no home at all.
They are free to live there as long as they please, or like their father abandon all things, including me.
As for society, I am happy for you to never look back at the shore, leave me to my island of alone, of solitude, of detachment.

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