Her voice

daring voice

I adore her voice.
It rolls like a wave,
daring the shore,
to come to it instead.

A look over her shoulder,
selecting the grains it wants to follow it,

Air of patchouli, jasmine and iris,
Can’t overcome the salt in her throat,
Pied piper of love, salty love,
The air feels so sanitised where she breathes.

Droplets of dance,
Call of romance,
Poised in a gypsies stance,
Lost in the dervishes trance.

Who knew aching,
could sound so inviting,
So enticing, her writing,
Turned honey melting, sapling,
Her voice, mesmerising,
Lip biting,
You can taste it in your stomach lining.

The aches have familiarity when she sings them to you,
That’s not an easy thing to do,
To wake memories buried beneath,
To sing of ache so true.


Inspired by another artist I follow on instagram.
But she has a voice that reminds me of Sarah Vaughan

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