Merry go round


Laughter is not the children,
on the merry go round,
It is the rusty squeaks it bellows,
for being found.

Abandoned, you thought,
no one cared,
But the children hold on to you,
with wind in their hair

Rumi said, “What you seek, seeks you”.
Never has a word been more true,
Surely you know I don’t seek you,
And likewise, so why should you?

The tragedy then rises of immaturity,
From your ego you thought you had immunity,
But all it seeks is utter disunity,
Spiteful stabs, my, your bravery, cowardly piety.

So here I am drawn into your circling,
My teacher said the world is still in spin,
So don’t you ever think you’re free from sin,
You won’t know what state you’ll die in.

Humanise me,
Don’t demonise me,
Don’t patronise me,
Don’t despise me.

Human eyes me,
I live in side see,
Don’t trivialise me,
Try visualise me.

Human eyes see,
Don’t terrorise me,
Don’t colourise me,
Don’t otherise me.

Human demise be,


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