What language do you speak?


If language is your only form of expression,
You are poor.

My mother speaks the same language as your
mother. Nine months she learned it perfectly.

Now you pretend not to know me,
Not to understand me,
Tongue tied pronouncing my name.

When all mothers speak the language of the womb
The same.

My blood has similar syllables to yours,
My DNA, entwined, coded in the same elucidation,
My breath, needs the same enunciation,
Ffffmmmm, hhhuuhhh, the same breath brother, the same exhale.

You’ll find our R’s roll the same way we rolled in our mothers bellies.
You’ll find our B’s are responsible for breaking and bonding.
You’ll find our L’s lull the same baby’s to sleep,
You’ll find our meter, synchronised to the same heart beat.

Why are you so bereft of the letter H?
H for Hello, Human, accept my Humble, Hospitality, it’s my Honour, to Help, to Hear you, I Hope you’re Happy, Here in my Heart, together we’ll Hover in Heaven.

Do I need to pronounce the whole alphabet to realise how stupidly hopeless it is to pretend we don’t understand each other?

2 thoughts on “What language do you speak?”

  1. You have great insight here,
    “My mother speaks the same language as your/
    mother. Nine months she learned it perfectly.”

    We are knit together by this same humanity. Everyone is born of a woman and this unites us as people; even more deeply as a part of the animal kingdom. Blessings for your shared understanding.

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    1. Thank you. I appreciate the kind sentiments and your comment. Indeed, the unifying factor is our origins and everything points to the fact that we all have a common mother, a common human language. 🙏

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