Introversion Impulses – 12


Can you love me from afar?
I thought not.
I’m a butterfly floating from flower to flower,
Searching for my nectar,
I’m a lion walking from carcass to carcass,
Leaving the poise of the jungle,
Leaving a trail of mess,
Seated harmless, savagely heartless.

How do you love a contradiction?
Someone who shows no love at all,
To anyone outside his cubs,
To anything outside his field of blossom?

You love them like a documentary,
Watch them from the comfort of your home,
Don’t try to interrupt their home,
Their home of alone.

A lion leaves the whole jungle alone until it is time for its feed,
A butterfly only comes out in seasons that suit meadows,
Even then, you thought naught of it as a caterpillar.
It is utter folly to expect an introvert to come out at any time,
Except when they want.


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