I know

i know

I know,

Because you’re a poem, that wont depart my lips,
Tongue to palate, teeth stutter, swollen throat, infected tooth,
You’re sweetness is acidic,
How long you gestated in my belly before regurgitating to my mouth,
Dormant, reluctant now familiar with my insides,
At the gates, you’re a checkpoint, holding back the words you want,
Letting go the ones of no use.
Try as I may, to expel you, you won’t leave.
I know you because you’ve been with me for so long.
Bubble gum on my shoe,
Spat out by someone  far less kind than me,
A gnawing cavity, you caused him,
He didn’t see the poetry in you.
Stay as long as you need to gather yourself,
Make sure when you do, you leave as a flame,
Incinerate the evidence that you lived in my mouth,
I don’t need any more squatters.

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