The dichotomy of love, who loves who?

I signed a settlement with my soul,
To agree to disagree,
But the disclaimer remains,
God, did I find you,
Or you find me?

And vice versa,
Did I lose you,
Or did you lose me?

What we see is not,
Ever going to be,
The reality,
Of You and me.

Or is it me and You,
The dichotomy of,
What is false and what is true,
Depends on who’s view,
We see through.

Rumi, Hallaj,
Basri and Rabia,
Shadhili, Jilani,
Saw what is close,
In what is far.

Khayyam, Ibn Sina,
Ibn Rushd and AlJaber,
Khawarismi, Ibn Arabi,
Found in vastness,
And finite matter.

Whichever which way,
You approach or keep afar,
The Beloved remains,
Both within,
And un-containable,
In your heart.

He’s there, or not there, and neither shows belief or unbelief.
Your heart cannot be outsmarted by your mind.
Gnawing, it will chew at you until you subdue the mind to give it what it needs.
It’s not about acknowledging Him or negating Him,
It’s about relinquishing your Self, until You are no longer in the equation.
Then solve for X.

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