Tender strength

cocooned women
Brutal strength,
Ornamented in a cocoon of lace.
The subtle texture of her soul,
Iron clad by skin of shed.

I like my women the same way.
I don’t mind rough hands,
I don’t mind a little rage,
I don’t mind fragility,
Or vulnerability,
As long as she can take off her stilettos,
And stab a man in his eye,
If he steps out of line.
But if I step out of line,
Plant a kiss on them,
Making me as fragile
As her.

Please see the talented work of Heather James Nicole from Heather James Photography. Inspiring and perfect time captures. The above photography belongs to her, used with her permission.

Website: https://hjphotography11.wordpress.com/page/5/

Original photo:dandy

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