Artless know it alls.

Artless motherfuckers
Fuck you and your opinions.
“But no”, you cry, “Everyone is entitled to their opinion.”
Fuck your entitlement too.
“But why”, you cry, “Why won’t you accept others opinions?”
Because you’re a bland parrot, can’t muster up a thought of your own,
Ready to regurgitate fashion, ready to be someone’s shadow.
Meme your fucking life away,
Double tap, automatic #truth reply on every fucking thing.
You’re so easy to get along with, fuck you.
Give me a fight, over mutual mundaneness any day.
After he’s bashed my head in or she’s kick my groin in, I’ll hug them and say “Thank you, I feel more alive than ever. I hope you have a great day, can I buy you a drink?” and I’ll mean that shit.
Don’t be a fake bitch or a lame arse hole. Grow a spine, give a dime, draw a picture, write some words, plant a tree, tend a garden, grow your own food, be a fucking man and slit the throat of the animal you want to eat, or does that make you nauseous, you weak bitch? What business do you have then downing three big macs like beef was going to run out?
Don’t like gays? Fuck you, talk to one, pussy. See where you’re at then.
Don’t like Muslims, fuck you, you wouldn’t have so much of what you take for granted were it not for them, get an education, sit with a woman in a burka and talk, or are you only a visual glutton, deprived of the ability to hear, to feel, to heart someone unless you undress them?
Talk to someone about something other than celebrity gossip or fashionable spirituality retreats.
Don’t like war? But drive a car that needs a petrol station dragging behind it to operate? Yeah ok….. I believe you.
Fuck your stones, they’re stones, they don’t do anything except sit there. Touch someone’s hand though, show them you care.
Hold their fucking hands back with the razor in it and point it at you and show them how cut you are, let them realise how badly it cuts you that they cut themselves.
Fuck your guru, he stinks from a mile away.
If he was so enlightened, why can’t he perfume his soul to make his armpits smell better?
Fuck your healer, he scammed you 150 bucks for placebo, you sucker.
Fuck your best friend. She’s fucking your boyfriend, oops sorry, did I wreck your relationship?
Did I mention fuck you and your opinions?
Opinions are not like arse holes, not everyone has them. You’re confusing yourself thinking the shit you regurgitate is actually yours, it’s not.
What you have is a fucking heavy parrot for a mouth, you repeat ad naseum
everything you hear and see,
brained like a budgie,
unable to flee from your own misery,
disguised in self treachery,
lying to yourself endlessly,

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