Weight of secrets


Unspeakable secret, set me free,
How can I not want to share of Thee,
Blessed, fig and olive tree,
Neither east, nor west, just you and me.

Please Sir, grant me pardon,
They know not, this secret garden,
Where lovers lay, blessed Arden,
I beg, don’t leave me in this chagrin.

I’m the secret poetry, of heaven and earth,
The kiss of morn, of life form birth,
When longing is soil, for the sky,
Brush against it, heaving sigh.

Neither green or pacific blue,
Neither white, but a colourless tattoo,
Silence of morn, hazy hue,
The tender kiss of unseen dew.

Abandoned humanity the burden is mine,
Thus in solitude, I’ve made my shrine,
Tragic poetry, line and rhyme,
Buried secret remain, timeless time.


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