We get it, do you?

You’ll find me in the midst of evaporation
Of incense burning, inhalation,
Of morning grass condensation,
Realisation, manifest in annihilation.

For those times you don’t want to be in the midst of being,
Those half betweens,
Now you see me, now you don’t,
Rehearsal Houdini’s you practise on yourself,
Pretend hiding, pretend finding, pretend being, pretend-ing.
For the misunderstood, we learn the routine fast.
We get it, you don’t want to hear it unless it lines well with prodding you up.
You don’t want the unspeakable, spoken, hurts too much, cuts true.
Want a different avenue,
Want, prattling instead to find you.
We get it, we’ll play,
There’s a proper way to act,
Proper things to say.
We get it, we’ll bite our tongues,
Keep you happy,
Keep the ballads unsung.
We know, you don’t want us to leave another mark
Weighs heavy,
Another day in the dark.

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