Sucker for knowledge.

The prayer finished and magnetically they defied the laws of nature, like does attract like.

A quick dialogue between two heavyweights of the scholarly world and it was like an angelic exchange of love.

It was brief and it was swift, two drawn swords that sheathed themselves back after witnessing the light that each one reflects, both bashful and ashamed in front of each other despite the mighty weight of their frames, the swiftness of the destruction they could cause should they please.

In those few minutes of exchange, I even saw those around me freeze. Something extraordinary was happening. People with ill intention stood in awe, as if tranced, frozen, unable to move.

When they departed, the ground which they were standing on would have wanted to split open and explode a flowerbed of magnolia’s and roses in honour of their sanctified moment.

How I longed to have been martyred between the crossfire of their exchange.

Yes, I’m a sucker for knowledge, I’m a sucker for light.


P.S. – True story

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