He who loves a thing, remembers it often.


If you’re not practising it,
You’re amnesic

‘He who loves a thing, remembers it often’. Conversely, he who doesn’t remember, loves not the thing.
What of remembrance of Love itself?
Is it only convenient in situations relating to the flesh?
You don’t have to be of religion, but you have to religiously devoted to it.
Of the prattlers and the mascots of religion as far and varied as they are, their hucksterism is made apparent when they cannot line their pockets enough, when they cannot advance their ideologies enough, when they cannot step on other humans enough.
When the dictates of their dogmas are what steers their hearts, when their religiosity is bound by rules and regulations that never express love. Where’s your jurisprudence on Love?

Is Love only convenient to serve a temporary ache? To flow quills for the Kings satchel of coins?

Where are the permanently wandering lovers, mindless, the heartless, the soulless,  the severed of heads, like Hallaj, even as they removed his head, it spoke nothing more than Love, his blood forming the name of the beloved, causing his murders to be haunted for the rest of their lives by the crime against His Beloved, they committed. *

What do you remember often. What do you seek often. Where is your madness, obsession, annihilation? Where?
Where is your drug fixation, your flesh naked and torn to shards?

Liars, we’re all liars. We only remember ourselves. Selfish, unloving thus unlovable.

The Beloved seeks your love…. throw yourself into his Divine sea…. drown in Love and become a fish to be fished and consumed.

Don’t be stricken with the disease of forgetfulness, remembrance only in convenience. Throw away your old clothes of ignorance, heedlessness, haste and amnesia. Don the garbs of those who came before you who paved the way to the Divine reality.


* Read about Mansur Al Hallaj and his devotion here: http://www.tibetanart.com/Blog/Post.asp?ID=82

10 thoughts on “He who loves a thing, remembers it often.”

      1. Exactly. And when love is built in it shows in actions, not words.
        What I love is that the love of God is so obvious. The senses, the intellect, the ability to feel, the overall perfect design of which we are made. We were given all this by the mere virtue of existing. Does God need to tell us he loves us?

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      2. Exactly… And even non-existence doesn’t diminish from this. Because that which does not exist does not feel loss. It does not lose anything. So there is love in existing, and even in non-existing. There is only love.

        One just needs to see it.

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