Floating into existence

be someones nectar2
This is the stunning photography work of Heather James of https://hjphotography11.wordpress.com/

Do you think a flower fears a bee when it approaches?
And there you witness it unveil itself like a bashful virgin, of it’s nectar it trusts with the bee until it dies waiting. It withers and dries away, unaware of the healing medicine that was made with it’s offering.

If it knew of the fate of it’s offering, don’t you think it would have sucked at the soul of soil, stolen every rain drop and forced it’s way to the sun higher, brighter, bigger in blossom?

Somewhere in the world, your kindness, your love, your generosity your patience and offering will ripple into someone’s life.

I’ve done my part,
Given of my heart,
Written until death does me part,
Will do me part,
And I do so, knowing well my art,
Will fall into someone’s lap,
Burn in someone’s heart,
Heal someone’s wound,
Etch into someone’s skin,
Retain a reflection in their retina
Worlds away from me,
Seas apart.

Today, the moment capture of the picture in my piece was by Heather James of Heather James Photography. Please see the link at the bottom of the image to her work.

It was a simple connect. My words found her, her photography found me. She was brave enough to connect, I reciprocated in kind, because I saw kindness. She became my muse which caused me to write the above.
Small connections, can cause monumental changes. Small disconnections can do the same.
Be someone’s nectar.

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