Write to heal, heel to write.

heal and burn3

I can’t write……
Amidst such warmth, I can’t write.
I burn, I burn bright.
In flames, alight!
And there I am,
I never knew,
I was such a sight.
There’s no more fight,
There’s only flight,
No wrong or right
And now,
I can’t un-write.

When the Prophet Abraham threw himself into the flame, he did so in full trust in his Lord, knowing well his enemies had stoked it just for him, raging and mad as it was, the whole village engaged in the act of building the fire, and still, his conviction calmly allowed his first step.
The Angels of rain were ready to step in immediately and never to allow the Prophet to be harmed, had God Himself not intervened and commanded, “Oh fire, be cool and peaceful”. And to the astonishment of all the onlookers, there he remained unharmed until they realised, this was no man of small stature.
Sometimes, your fire will be your healing, sometimes it will be healing for others.
Your conviction in your path will determine your outcome.
Nothing will harm you but your interpretation, how you choose to see things.

I’ve always had self image issues. I look so far deep into myself that I can’t stand not only what is on the inside, but what is on the outside, they’re connected, no matter what anyone tells you, they’re connected. Your inside is a reflection of your outside and your outside a reflection of your inside. To segregate a human into comforting isolated slots is not to see them whole, it’s seeing them, loving them, dishonouring them only in parts. So here I am, thrown into the fire. Perhaps it will burn on, perhaps it will burn out, but for now, what’s in the fire, is the fire.


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