Darling you, send me.

send me
You remind me of words of a scholar…. ” Heavens real estate is vast. I don’t think we’ll have a housing issue in heaven.”

The subtlety in his words is a tap on the shoulder for the unaware, the oblivious, the ill who think the world and all it contains is written for them only, and the kingdom that awaits us, is proximity inhibited, like land taxes will apply.

They view heaven as a cage, because they are caged themselves and all we want to do is say, “Here….. Here is the key, we have a spare one for you, unlock yourself, or if you like, I’ll show you how to make a key, the key is love.”

But for the aware, it’s not a tap on the shoulder, it’s a rake of the knuckles,  get out there,  go share,  be love, vibe everywhere. If you don’t give your key to everyone, then at least uncage as many people as you can.

Heaven is vast, thinking of it any other way is a reflection of your limited comprehension of God, his Mercy and His Generosity, His subtlety, His Beauty, His Largesse, His Tender yet Omnipotent Love.


Enjoy Gregory Porter transporting you to the place you want to be.

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